lundi 24 novembre 2008

a day at the zoo

The weather was good but cold. so I decided to go for a walk at the zoo, in the Ueno park. Here they were, the pink flamingos, the monkeys, the penguins, the lions and the elephants and so on.
There were bats, and tiny tiny japanese mice, and other animals I had never seen before. I really liked a strange bird, that looked almost fake, they didnt move, like statues. They are called shoebill storks.

But the real aim of this trip was to see the famous giant panda.
I had entered from the opposite gate, so I had to walk all the way down to the panda's place.
When I got there, what a choc!
There was no panda. Or at least, the one I was expecting to see. Instead of the giant panda, the black and white panda, there were red pandas. they are really small and cute, and have nothing to do with the idea you usually have when you think of a panda.... The poor panda. I didn't know he had died earlier this year....

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charlette a dit…

dire que tu as raté de peu la vision d'un animal exceptionnel,
bon pauvre bête, elle n'a pas résisté à la bêtise humaine et devait souffrir d'un trop bon traitement dans ce superbe zoo pour animaux milliardaires

charlette a dit…
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